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Bright Angel Church of Christ located in Las Vegas, Nevada

South Valley Church of Christ in Las Vegas

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Where Can I Attend Services?

Services: Live and On-Demand


Bible Classes

The Gospel Way

Online Bible lesson guide: free Bible studies and guides. Study religion, the gospel of Jesus Christ, Scripture, worship of God, salvation from sin, Christian faith, morality, and Christianity.

Bible Study Lessons

Free home Bible study online lessons: Bible studies and lesson resources about Christian religion, God, Jesus Christ, church, gospel, Christianity, forgiveness, baptism.

Bible Study Lessons: Courses, Guides, Aids, Sermons, & Helps is on Facebook

Bible Study Lessons

Light to My Path

Light to My Path: Bible Study Books, Commentaries, Tracts, Class Books, Workbooks

Pratte Bible Publications on Facebook

Commentaries, workbooks, and Bible study books by David Pratte

Bible Software:

Logos – Faithlife


Olive Tree

Online Bibles:


Bible Hub

Bible Gateway

Daily Reading:

Bible Gateway – Reading Plans

M’Cheyne Reading Plan

Printed Bibles:

ESV Super Giant Print Burgundy

ESV Super Giant Print Black

ESV Super Giant Print Genuine Leather Black

ESV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible

ESV Archeology Bible

KJV/RV Interlinear Bible








NIV Exhaustive Concordance


Hebrew and Greek Alphabet

Primary Tablet

Hebrew Word of the Day

Google Translate

Rosen School of Hebrew

Language Learning: Hebrew

The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew: Hebrew in Israel

Hebrew in Isreal Website

Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar

Easing into Modern Hebrew Grammar

Modern Hebrew for Beginners

Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students

Hebrew Language @ The University of Texas at Austin

Reverso Context

Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step Volume 1

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step Volume 2

Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar

Handbook to Biblical Hebrew

Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew

Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew


Hebrew and Greek Alphabet

Primary Tablet

Greek Word of the Day

Google Translate


Language Learning: Greek

Greek: An Essential Grammar (Modern Greek)

Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar (Modern Greek)

The Routledge Modern Greek Reader

New Testament Greek

Fundamentals of New Testament Greek

Fundamentals of New Testament Greek: Workbook

Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek

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Audio Sermons – Found on the Bright Angel Church of Christ website.

Life Choices – By JB Myers. Includes sermon notes.

Christian Courier – A journal dedicated to the investigation of biblical doctrine.

Join Christian Courier Today – It will “Fortify Your Faith.”

Apologetics Press

Gospel Advocate


Dewayne Bryant – Looking at All Things Biblically

Gospel Broadcasting Network

Polishing the Pulpit

World Video Bible School®

The Truth in Love

Truth in Love Lectureship

Healthy Christian Home

Grace & Works

Sain Publications

Bible Land Passages

Winkler Publications

The Colley House

House to House Heart to Heart

A Legacy of Faith

The Light Network

Good News Today

Bible Places

The Truth About

Radically Christian


Walking with Fire


In Search of the Lord’s Way

The Gospel Way

Executable Outlines

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