You are invited to the…

Bright Angel Church of Christ located in Las Vegas, Nevada

Richmond congregation that meets in Richmond, Kentucky


Bible Software:

Logos – Faithlife

Olive Tree

Online Bibles:

Bible Hub – Home

Bible Hub – 1885 English Revised Version

Bible Gateway – Home

Bible Gateway – NKJV

Daily Reading:

Bible Gateway – Reading Plans

M’Cheyne Reading Plan

Printed Bibles:

NKJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, Black Bonded Leather

KJV/RV Interlinear Bible

NIV Study Bible, Bonded Leather, Black

NASB Giant Print Reference Bible, Hardcover


Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words


Strongest Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

The NIV Exhaustive Bible Concordance

Topical Bible:

Zondervan NIV Nave’s Topical Bible


Easy – Stephen Rogers shares his insights on how to teach others the Bible.

Bible Study:

Foundations and Companion by Gospel Advocate. Available Here…

Evangelistic Outreach Books by J.C. Choate. Publisher: World Evangelism Publications.

  1. The Church of the Bible
  2. The Gospel of Christ
  3. New Testament Worship
  4. Why We Believe What We Believe, Volume 1
  5. Why We Believe What We Believe, Volume 2

World Evangelism Publications – Home Page

World Evangelism Publications Catalog


Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar

Handbook to Biblical Hebrew

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Second Edition

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook, Second Edition

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Video Lectures: A Complete Course for the Beginner

Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek: Everybody’s Guide to the Language Tools

Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew: A Guide to Reading the Hebrew Bible

Basics of Biblical Aramaic

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Sefaria – A Living Library of Jewish Texts Online

Table of Contents – Sefaria


Greek Language – World Video Bible School – Instructor: John Moore. The required textbook for the class is Learn To Read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black. The “Greek Kit” is also available here.

New Testament Greek: A Beginning and Intermediate Grammar

Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar, Third Edition

Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook, Third Edition

Basics of Biblical Greek Video Lectures

Do It Yourself Hebrew and Greek: Everybody’s Guide to the Language Tools

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Pack: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament

A Graded Reader of Biblical Greek

Also see:

Audio Sermons – Found on the Bright Angel Church of Christ website.

Life Choices – By JB Myers. Includes sermon notes.

Christian Courier – A journal dedicated to the investigation of biblical doctrine.

Join Christian Courier – I invite you to join today. It will “Fortify Your Faith.”

Apologetics Press

Gospel Advocate

World Video Bible School

Videos from World Video Bible School

Dewayne Bryant – Looking at All Things Biblically

Gospel Broadcasting Network

The Truth in Love

Polishing the Pulpit

Sain Publications

Bible Land Passages

Winkler Publications

House to House Heart to Heart

A Legacy of Faith

The Light Network

Good News Today

Bible Places

The Truth About

Radically Christian


Walking with Fire


In Search of the Lord’s Way

The Gospel Way

Executable Outlines

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