Neal Pollard One of the hamstrings of most every church is a lack of dependable Christians. When Christians do show themselves undependable, they contribute so much to a church—much frustration, disappointment, and friction. We should all be dependable. You probably know little about Shelemiah, Zadok, Pedaiah and Hanon. Little is said about them. But listen […] […]

Neal Pollard Quirky closer (a redundant statement) Sean Doolittle was interviewed last week right after the Washington Nationals clinched the city’s first trip to the World Series since FDR was first inaugurated there. Asked how they did it, Doolittle said, “I think once you start naming guys that stepped up in different ways, you’ll end […] […]

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “It’s raining cats and dogs,” but what about “it’s raining fish and frogs”? Apparently, there have been several occasions when fish and frogs have literally rained down from the sky (Weather Bug). Fish and frogs haven’t been the only odd things to fall out of the sky. […] […]

People love bargains (e.g. Black Friday). We look for discounts, sales, freebees, and products at the best value. We look for deals on clothes, groceries, furniture, and just about everything else. In most aspects of live, we love to cut corners or get the most out of something without having to give up as much. […] […]

Neal Pollard Spoiler alert: This story does not make me look good. It was 1984, and my family and I lived in Roopville, Georgia. We were enjoying one of those idyllic west Georgia October days, with temperatures cool enough for a jacket but the sun graciously, brightly beaming. It was a perfect Saturday to explore […] […]