Are you searching for the best diet for your family that improves digestion and nutrition while tasting great? Try the traditional diet or Weston A Price Diet! The very idea of being penned in a by a specific diet makes me feel a bit rebellious. Some “expert” telling me which foods I can and cannot… via […]

Love the taste of fried okra, but not the calories (or standing over a hot skillet of oil)? Try this oven roasted okra instead! It has a crispy cornmeal topping and takes only minutes to prepare. My Discovery of Crispy Baked Okra This summer, we don’t have a true garden (sad). Since we just moved… via […]

Traditional Scottish mince and tatties is a hearty, easy weeknight dinner! It’s also a unique ground beef recipe when you want something a little different. What is Scottish Mince and Tatties? I’m starting to feel a keen sense of nostalgia for Scotland… so I thought I’d whip up a skillet of the most traditional Scottish… via […]

In need of an easy greek salad recipe to shake up your salad routine? This ultimate greek salad with mini sweet peppers is sure to impress! It’s filled with a variety of colorful veggies, feta cheese, olives, and topped with homemade greek salad dressing with lemon. My love affair with Greek salad Exactly eight years… via […]