Jessica Rocha was very frustrated with her children’s behavior. They were stealing and bullying at school. Jessica had tried a variety of punishments including grounding, taking away sports, toys, and privileges, but nothing seemed to be working. In her continued struggle to correct her children, she decided to make a t-shirt describing the child’s actions. […] […]

Neal Pollard Drives one regularly, even daily, into His Word. Draws one constantly to the throne room of prayer. Decides matters with a view toward what He wants. Declines those things that put distance between Him and oneself. Deplores the things that hurt His cause. Defends His name, honor, reputation, and values in one’s relationships […] […]

Neal Pollard Have you ever researched famous people born on your birthday? I have. I share a birthday with Babe Ruth, Bob Marley, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Queen Anne, Isidor Strauss, J.E.B. Stuart, Tom Brokaw, and, of course, a great many others. Two of the more fascinating, by contrast, were born a year apart. The one […] […]

Neal Pollard It was September 24, 1869. The Civll War was barely an excruciating national memory and the nation was rebuilding. That specific day was a Friday, the day a cruel scheme by two Wall Street investors was discovered and led to an implosion of the Stock Market. It was referred to as “Black Friday.” […] […]

Applause. Compliments. Cheers. Praise. The standing ovation. These all feel really, really good. In our spotlight driven society, some will do whatever it takes to get all eyes focused on them. Just a brief glance at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reveals people who are groping for attention. Much of this process is trivial, except […] […]

Originally posted on Preacherpollard’s Blog: Neal Pollard It is an eclectic club. Some of its members have only ever come one service per week, whose perceivable spiritual progress has been hard to measure. Others, perhaps more tragically, have waned from greater faithfulness in the past to the more tepid attitude toward the assemblies at… via What […]