The book of Exodus in the Old Testament stands are one of the most important books in the Bible. It lays the foundation for many key concepts. Join Robert as he reveals the value of this treasured book. The post 1668 Exodus: From the House of Slavery to the House of God appeared first on… via […]

Over the years, cremation has found much more acceptance in American culture. As a result, more and more people are asking questions about it. Is it acceptable to God? Will it affect our resurrection? What does the Bible actually say about it? The post 1667 To Bury or To Cremate? appeared first on The Truth… via […]

It should be impossible for people to be saved. That is because it SHOULD be impossible to make something that is sullied and essentially corrupted (through our decision to sin) to be perfect again. The post BE-004 The Gospel and the God of the Impossible appeared first on The Truth in Love. via BE-004 The Gospel […]

There are many confusing ideas in the religious world about what constitutes a denomination. Much of it is an honest ignorance of what the Bible teaches about it. We understand that it may be a confusing issue, but the truth is available for anyone willing to engage the problem. To further help make the truth… via […]

Problem: A Teen Who Becomes A Christian but has Unbelieving Parents. I sat down with Kevin Rhodes, director for the Brown Trail School of Preaching and long-time friend. We discussed a problem that some teens may find themselves facing. What happens when someone becomes a Christian and their parents are not on board with their… via […]

Paul wrote out of a sense of urgency. In Romans 1:10-11 he said that he longed to see them. He wanted desperately to impart to them a spiritual gift so that they would be “established”. Do we have a sense of urgency in telling others about Jesus? The post BE-003 Romans Pt 3: A Sense… via […]