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Category: The Church

The Gospel of Grace

A series of lessons presented by: Dave Miller “The Truth in Love” website provides FREE Materials here. Use this link to order the material you would like to study or share […]

Hell, Heaven, Repentance and Baptism

Videos: The Truth About… Hell Heaven Repentance Baptism 8 Questions About Baptism The Gospel Broadcasting Network website has a page on the topic of baptism. Learn more… Links: World Video Bible School (WVBS) […]

13 Objections to Baptism

by Dave Miller, Ph.D. Source: Apologetics Press Article Link

Kingdom Basics

By JB Myers Bright Angel Church of Christ Sermon Notes: Kingdom Basics: Background Kingdom Basics: The Way Kingdom Basics: Baptism Audio Sermons: Background The Way Baptism

The Kingdom

The Church of Christ on McDermott Road By James Waugh Audio Sermons: The Kingdom – Part 1 (May 20, 2015) The Kingdom – Part 2 (May 27, 2015)


From the Gospel Broadcasting Network: April 28, 2015 GBN Live:  Baptism May 14, 2015 Quotation from GBN: Someone has said that to remove baptism from the plan of salvation is […]

Kingdom and Church

2 Timothy, Chapter 2 Keep reminding God’s people of these things. Kingdom and Church Sermon Notes… Audio Sermons: Kingdom and Church 1 Kingdom and Church 2 Kingdom and Church 3 […]