Marijuana has been legalized in over thirty states. Many users tout its alleged benefits, while others denounce it as harmful and even dangerous. While the legal debate is over, how should Christians treat the use of marijuana? Is it just a harmless recreational drug, or is it sinful to use? The Bible has many prohibitions […]

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The Truth About…

“The Truth About…” explores various topics that I believe will help you grow “in the good ground.” (Matthew 13:23)  The videos on their website are a production of World Video Bible School®. Video Series “The Truth About…”


These articles are from Apologetics Press.  Their website is Christians, Gambling, and the Lottery by Dave Miller, Ph.D. and Kyle Butt, M.A. Gambling, the Military, and Christian Ethics by Dave Miller, Ph.D. School Refuses Lottery Funds by Dave Miller, Ph.D. Wayne Jackson has written two articles on the subject of gambling at … Continue Reading Gambling