What makes a good commercial? Often, it’s humor. Beer commercials just about had the market cornered on this for a long time. Sometimes, it’s something that gives you an “A-ha” moment. Farmer’s Insurance has a series of commercials where actor J. K. Simmons demonstrates examples where the company has covered claims of extremely improbable scenarios, […]

Community in the Early Church — Looking at All Things Biblically

Christianity is a counter-intuitive religion. So much about the Christian faith flies in the face of human nature: to be great, you must become a servant; to be strong, you must defer to others; love, not power, is the greatest of virtues; to destroy your enemies, make them your friends—and to help them, pray for […]

Homosexuality in Christianity and Islam — Looking at All Things Biblically

There are a lot of folks online, and it has grown almost exponentially since the last part of the 20th century. The number of cell phone and internet users has grown from only a fraction of one percent of the world’s population to over fifty percent in just thirty years. In 1990, the world had 12.5 […]

Using the Internet with Wisdom — Looking at All Things Biblically

Some people view imitation as a negative thing. Books and movies that appear too similar to previous productions can be labeled with dreaded words like “derivative” and “unoriginal.” In the western world, we like to be imaginative, innovative, and unique. But in Christianity, imitation can be a very good thing. Paul told the Corinthians to […]

Imitation is More than Flattery — Looking at All Things Biblically

Many of us think that it’s harmless to harbor negative emotions toward other people. We often excuse it as something natural, like when we get angry at bona fide injustice or unfairness. At other times, we spin negativity into something positive, such as when we hold a grudge against someone else as a defense mechanism to remind […]

Defeating Bitterness — Looking at All Things Biblically