Several years ago, one my of young kiddos started getting fussy. I took him out into the foyer and eventually had to step outside because the Lord’s Supper was being held in the foyer on this particular Sunday. As I stood outside, I realized that I had never been outside of the building when worship […]

Lessons Learned Standing Outside the Church — BP’s Fuel For Thought

Have you ever read the messages inside the bathroom stalls? They can be, well, interesting to say the least. You could come across everything from jokes and philosophical statements to gang signs and crude remarks. If you have ever had the joyful experience of sitting in a murky, run-down gas station stall, you may have […]

Messages In Bathroom Stalls — BP’s Fuel For Thought

It’s a typical day.  You’re just driving down the highway, listening to the radio, thinking about the events of the day. There’s the normal traffic and people rushing to get to their destinations. Then, a particular billboard catches your eye. It depicts a familiar person, Jesus. This Jesus, however, has tattoos all over His body. […]

Tattooed Jesus — BP’s Fuel For Thought