Deerfoot Prayer Series

Source Deerfoot Church of Christ Deerfoot Prayer Series Making Prayer Practical A Mother’s Prayer Praying at All Times The Whole Armor of God Fully Supplied The Process of Prayer Preparation of Prayer Breastplate of Righteousness The Purpose of Prayer The Audience of Prayer The Place of Prayer Why Does Prayer Have its Place? The Hands of Prayer The Authority of Prayer Prayer of the Church How Fasting Helps Jesus Helps: Communication with God Additional Sermons Paul Helps: Communication with the World The Spirit Helps: Communication with the Family Communication with the Church Communication with the Church, Part 2 Also … Continue reading Deerfoot Prayer Series

Lessons on Prayer

Prayer Quotes: H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Soren Kierkegaard JB Myers It can be argued that one’s relationship with God is no better than one’s prayer life. It is the measure of your walk with God. It is a privilege to speak to God in prayer. The God of the Bible is a personal God and is approachable in prayer. Not only has God provided for our redemption, but he has also told us that if we will talk to him he will draw near to us. Prayer To prepare you for this lesson, I invite you to study the lesson … Continue reading Lessons on Prayer