The Life of David

The class “The Life of David” which is being taught on Sunday mornings can be viewed on the Oak Forest Facebook Page. The first class was presented on September 26, 2021. On a mobile phone, click the “Videos” tab. On a desktop, click “More,” then click “Videos” and choose the video you would like toContinue reading “The Life of David”

Being Like Your Parents — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Wednesday’s Column: Learning From Lehman Luke Lohden Have you seen the Progressive commercials with Dr. Rick?  In these commercials, he tries to teach parents how to “un-become” their parents?  For instance, he helps them say the right tech terms, like “hashtag,” or helps them to have airline tickets on their phone, and not paper tickets. […]Continue reading “Being Like Your Parents — The Preacher Pollard Blog”