Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail  Dale Pollard The Muppets are great. Those classic characters like Kermit the Frog, Animal, and Fozzy Bear have entertained us for years. The writers of that show understood and appreciated the humor found in irony. In one particular episode, Mrs. Piggy is about to marry Kermit and It’s hilarious to see […]

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Friday’s Column: Learning From Lehman David Chang In the neighborhood of Queens, New York City, 1964, a young 28 year-old woman named Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death right outside of the apartment building where she lived. The reason this criminal incident is so well known is not because of the murder itself—as shocking as […]

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THURSDAY’S COLUMN: “CAPTAIN’S BLOG”   Carl Pollard Some things just don’t mix. Milk and orange juice, Auburn and Alabama fans, Coca Cola and Mentos. There is one particular mix that can sometimes be fatal. Blood pressure medicine can be a great thing, but when mixed with Advil/Ibuprofen it can harm your body and even give […]

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Wednesday Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard One of the most concise and beautiful teachings about God is in John. He plainly states some awesome things, full of impact and depth. “The Word existed in the beginning…” This, along with other statements made in this context, highlights how tragic it is that the world systemically rejects […]

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Christianity is a counter-intuitive religion. So much about the Christian faith flies in the face of human nature: to be great, you must become a servant; to be strong, you must defer to others; love, not power, is the greatest of virtues; to destroy your enemies, make them your friends—and to help them, pray for […]

Homosexuality in Christianity and Islam — Looking at All Things Biblically

Tuesday’s Column: Dale Mail Dale Pollard   Many emotions run through different individuals when faced with the loss of a loved one or dealing with intense pain. These emotions can present themselves as questions:  Confusion: “Why did this happen?” Sadness: “How will I go on?”  Anger: “Who allowed this to happen?”  Who can answer these […]

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