Gunna Be Kind

Today is Fun Friday. We have had a billboard for months now, and so far, this is the third billboard placed next to ours. I requested help for doing a message with this sign on social media. Puns are what followed from many of you and I give credit to them in this message. Thank you all for being kind. Can you count the puns? Source Deerfoot Church of Christ Deerfoot Services Continue reading Gunna Be Kind

“Created for His Enjoyment?“ — The Preacher Pollard Blog

Friday’s Column: Brent’s Biblical Bytes Brent Pollard While in college, I accompanied a friend to Chattanooga to pick up her car from her parents. Both of us were from rural Appalachia and shared a love for nature. Thus, learning that the Tennessee Aquarium was our rendezvous point did not surprise me. It was my first […] “Created for His Enjoyment? “ — The Preacher Pollard Blog Continue reading “Created for His Enjoyment?“ — The Preacher Pollard Blog