10/04/2020 Jacksonville

Watch on Facebook Class and Worship The Old Testament and New Testament Simplified The Old Testament and New Testament Simplified by Rob Whitacre is available at Glad Tidings Publishing. More materials are available on the page Planting Seeds for The Gospel. Sources Jacksonville Church of Christ jvillecoc.com Glad Tidings Publishing https://gladtidingspublishing.com Jacksonville Church of Christ Address and Map Continue reading 10/04/2020 Jacksonville

Kindness Doesn’t Throw Stones

I recently saw a quote from an unknown author. “You don’t have time to throw stones if you’re busy washing feet.” The stones that we throw today are with careless words said in haste. May we carefully select each word. Kindness might mean we skip a few of the choice ones.  Be Kind. Source Deerfoot Church of Christ deerfootcoc.com Deerfoot Services Continue reading Kindness Doesn’t Throw Stones