Evil Never Sleeps — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Friday’s Column: Supplemental Strength Brent Pollard Have you ever heard the expression, “Evil never sleeps?” I tried finding the origin of this expression with those tools available to me. From my limited search, I believe the expression likely originates from Proverbs 4.16. “For they cannot sleep unless they do evil; And they are robbed ofContinue reading “Evil Never Sleeps — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

David’s Prayer In the Cave (Psalm 142) — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard It was in one of the lowest points in his life that David finds himself hiding in a cave praying to God. He says, “With my voice I cry out to the Lord; with my voice I plead for mercy to the Lord” (Psa.‬ ‭142:1‬). David describes the circumstances […]Continue reading “David’s Prayer In the Cave (Psalm 142) — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Multi-camera live streaming — Dennis Washington

Do you want your worship broadcasts to be better than a single camera in the back of the room? Below is a generic recommendation based on my experiences setting up live streaming solutions. What you choose will need to be adjusted based on a variety of factors, including: Your budgetBuilding layoutWhere you want cameras mountedHow… viaContinue reading “Multi-camera live streaming — Dennis Washington”