As the coronavirus has spread and churches have closed their doors, social media has been peppered with statements accusing other believers of cowardice. They beat their chests with all the theological machismo they can muster and tell the world that they aren’t afraid of a little sickness. They also shame other believers for worshiping in […]

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Everybody, it’s time to celebrate! A cure for COVID-19 has been found! Several days ago, prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland wanted us to know that he has used the power of God to defeat the virus. I’ll let him tell you in his own words (watch it here, starting around 29:00): COVID-19 … (blowing/spitting) … […]

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Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard Tears are a very interesting and important part of the human anatomy. Tears are produced by the tear gland, which are small glands that are in our upper eyelid. Tears keep the surface of your eyeball clean, and help protect your eye from damage. But there’s another function of […]

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