THE PASSOVER LAMB — Preachers Pollard’s Blog

Neal Pollard Every home needed it (Exodus 12:3-4) It was to be a male (Exodus 12:5) It was to be unblemished (Exodus 12:5) It was to be killed (Exodus 12:6) Its blood was to be applied (Exodus 12:7) Its blood was the difference in life and death (Exodus 12:13,23) Its sacrifice was to be commemorated […]Continue reading “THE PASSOVER LAMB — Preachers Pollard’s Blog”

Remote preaching with vMix Call — Dennis Washington

One of the great features of vMix is vMix Call, a low-latency remote video conferencing system. With only a web browser and webcam your minister can connect into your live streaming broadcast with HD video and high quality audio from anywhere in the world. If you are unable to conduct worship services from your church… viaContinue reading “Remote preaching with vMix Call — Dennis Washington”