Thursday’s Column: Captain’s Blog Carl Pollard We’ve spent three weeks looking at a few areas where the world is desperate. They long for guidance, purpose and finally, hope (1 Pt. 5:10). We have abused this word. We say things like, “I hope there’s some food at the house” or, “I hope the weather is nice […]

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A police officer pulled over a Louisiana driver. He had expired plates. We’re not talking by a couple of months. We’re not even talking about a couple of years. These were plates that had expired back in 1997! When questioned about these very expired plates, the driver responded, “Sorry, officer. I’ve been busy lately and […]

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Wednesday’s Column: Third’s Words Gary Pollard Yesterday Carl and I smelled something absolutely awful in his house. Bailey, his trouble-making Carolina dog, had just been let back in; she had evidently rolled around in the remains of an animal that recently reached putrefaction and it showed. We were gagging and gasping for air while […]

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