The Debt — BP’s Fuel For Thought

Albert Brigas is a good employee. He’s hardworking. He’s reliable. He’s been known to show up on days when he is sick. He’s shown himself to be a person of skill and determination. But at 69, this Vietnam veteran has been longing for retirement. He planned to work until he could pay off his mortgage […]Continue reading “The Debt — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

Concussions — BP’s Fuel For Thought

Over the last several years, this has been an almost constant discussion in sports, particularly in football. The more we learn about the brain, the more concerning we realize concussions are. If a person breaks an arm, pulls a muscle, or tears a ligament, it can be bad, but it is nowhere near as serious […]Continue reading “Concussions — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

Knowing What D.C. Stands For — Preacherpollard’s Blog

Neal Pollard Inasmuch as we don’t want laws or policies enacted that violate God’s Word and we want precious freedoms, especially religious ones, preserved and protected, we can really get into what is going on in Washington, from Capitol Hill to Pennsylvania Avenue. Many know that “D.C.” is an abbreviation for “District of Columbia,” an […]Continue reading “Knowing What D.C. Stands For — Preacherpollard’s Blog”

11/03/2019 Deerfoot Bible Class and Worship

Source Deerfoot Church of Christ Deerfoot Services 11/03/2019 Bible Class and Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Night Live Stream Watch Live Current Local Time in Birmingham, Alabama, USA Bible Class The Gospel of Mark Stronger Together

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