Applause. Compliments. Cheers. Praise. The standing ovation. These all feel really, really good. In our spotlight driven society, some will do whatever it takes to get all eyes focused on them. Just a brief glance at YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter reveals people who are groping for attention. Much of this process is trivial, except […]

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Originally posted on Preacherpollard’s Blog: Neal Pollard It is an eclectic club. Some of its members have only ever come one service per week, whose perceivable spiritual progress has been hard to measure. Others, perhaps more tragically, have waned from greater faithfulness in the past to the more tepid attitude toward the assemblies at…

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Welcome to Bastøy Prison Island. A lush, one square mile isle comprised of pine trees, beautiful coastlines, and serene ocean sunset views. 115 prisoners are fortunate enough to stay at this so-called “prison.” The inmates enjoy amenities such as a sauna, tennis courts, horseback riding, prime fishing spots, and a beach for sunbathing. There is […]

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