When Life Slaps You With An Octopus — BP’s Fuel For Thought

Ah yes, life’s unexpected surprises. Just when you feel like you’ve just about seen it all, life pops up and slaps you in the face with an octopus. Or at least, that’s what happened to one particular kayaker from New Zealand. He and some friends were on the water watching some playful seals darting around […]Continue reading “When Life Slaps You With An Octopus — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

The Battle — BP’s Fuel For Thought

In this life many battles have been fought, Some of which were all for naught. Lives have been lost and blood has been shed. Many young men’s feet were doomed never again to tread. But of all the battles that have taken place on this earth, One is now happening that surpasses them […] via TheContinue reading “The Battle — BP’s Fuel For Thought”

I FORGIVE YOU… — Preacherpollard’s Blog

Neal Pollard …But I won’t ever treat you the same …But I will make sure you never forget it …But I don’t think you should serve any more …But I will keep my distance from you …But I will tell others about your sin …But I will make you feel like a pariah The very […]Continue reading “I FORGIVE YOU… — Preacherpollard’s Blog”