At Sydney’s Bondi Beach, an eerie scene unfolded. The water began to turn to a horrifying, blood red. As one might imagine, swimmers and spectators became alarmed and fled out of the water. It turns out the red water came as a result of a sudden increase in red algae. The algae turned out to […]

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Neal Pollard Social media has done us no favors, with the temptation it presents to project happiness and perfection while masking the trials and challenges inevitable for such a long-term commitment as marriage is. Not only can we be guilty of misrepresenting our own relationship, but we can unwittingly put pressure on other couples who […]

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Whadd’ya do when you get bored of making classic elderberry syrup? Make this apple cinnamon version, of course! This apple cinnamon elderberry syrup uses apple juice, fresh apples, and cinnamon to enhance its flavor profile. Plus, I’ve got instructions for both stovetop and Instant Pot! The creation of apple cinnamon elderberry syrup Apparently, 2019 is…

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