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The following email is a perspective of personal experience with this type of cult. The names have been changed or withheld to protect the identities of those involved in the conversation. John has been sharing the gospel with Bobby and his mother. They both came forward at a local congregation and informed John they had been overtaken by a cult in the area where they live. Here are the emails that were written and edited.

Please be advised

The following content may be disturbing.


Conversation with [withheld] / Practical help for those caught in Asherah/Wiccan cult.


Dear John,

The following scripture comes to mind when thinking of your evangelizing Bobby and his mom. Far be it from me to tell you how to evangelize but I just felt inspired by the aptness of Jesus words in John 10 vs. 10 : “ The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly. “  (KJV).

On a practical note : I cannot specify how important it is for Bobby and his mom to have proper security around them. If the mom keeps finding substances in her house, chances are she should change her access codes for her alarm system.

Chances are that all their phones or emails have been hacked as these thieves and vandals are well organized and funded.

I would suggest disconnecting WiFi from phone ( in settings, select WiFi switch to off position ), prior to leaving the house, that would make it less easy for them to be followed.

I suggest cleaning substances with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and for hard to clean marks on walls (usually yellowish brown, black or red streaks, that they put on doors and windows as “portals” between our world and their “spirit world”), use 1 part acetone (nail polish remover) with 5 parts of water.

It is a sick cult. From our experience dealing with the persecution we have suffered at their hands, It is best to get cameras up inside and outside the house (it seems their situation is worse because the young man is still being blackmailed by the girlfriend to stay in the cult).

They will need to use masks and gloves to clean because these people, I call them voodoo people because they operate in the same way, they use chemical substances which I believe are a mix of street drugs like Scopolamine, with rare plants from Africa, as well as the venom from poisonous insects or snakes, in order to harm, maim or kill their victims. So, I tell them, use protective equipment.

All food needs to be eaten or thrown out at the end of the day (I had heavy metal deposits as well as poisons put in my instant coffee – always felt deathly ill after coffee and it tasted strange – not hard for me to figure out what was going on).

I suggest a dash-cam for when they are on the road and body cameras to be worn at all times, when leaving the house. When Bobby leaves the cult, they might leave him alone or redouble their efforts to subjugate him. It’s better for him and his mom to take proper precautions to safeguard themselves in the natural, as well as potentially capturing footage that could put active cult members behind bars for these heinous crimes that they are committing under the radar of law enforcement, so to speak.

The fact that deer entrails have been thrown on their cars signals to me that the cult members have made a major sacrifice of an animal to demons and by placing it on their cars, have, what I call “activated” a “spell” to kill them on the road, death by accident.

[Note: John stated deer were thrown in the mother’s yard and the entrails were thrown on the windows of the house.]

How do I know all of this? I must reveal that I was previously married to a 39th degree FreeMason, who cheated on me and attempted to kill me by poisoning me, while I was living with him, in order to get my life insurance to pay out. Turns out, I came into contact with Christians, one of whose husbands was a 36th degree FreeMason, prior to his salvation in Jesus Christ. [Name withheld] stated that as a 36th degree Mason, a FreeMason is an unashamed, out and out worshiper of satan (small caps because he’s puny and defeated).

I also came into contact with Christians who were persecuted by this kind of satanic evil in South Africa, which is where I am from.

This is only a new development in the U.S.A., at least the widespread use of such evil.

Once a member becomes a Christian, they might get harassed or “trolled” on public media, in order to publicly shame them for becoming a Christian. These satanists believe, according to their ethical code (please hold your laughter) that they need to be honest (their version of it, what you don’t know won’t harm you); that their deeds need to be done in secret in order to be effective (hence the term occult practice); they fear having their evil deeds exposed to law enforcement, hence they operate in teams with lookouts posted; they also believe that Christians are hypocrites and utterly despise us; they will engage a Christian in conversation and try to utterly undermine our Gospel by claiming that the Bible show ambiguity in Scripture, “therefore it can’t be true.” They are legalists, i.e. they will surveil a Christian or monitor them very closely and then verbally pounce on them, the moment that the Christian makes a mistake. They believe that this makes them morally superior to us, in some way.

What they believe about us might astound you but hang in there, preach the Gospel to them, do share this email with the mom, only print out and black out the email address it is from, as well as your own, please, for your and our cyber security.

All the best to you, may God richly bless you,

[Name withheld]


Son involved in cult (clarification of detail).

Dear John,

I need to apologize, as I thought [Name withheld] had told me that Bobby and his mom found deer entrails on their car. My mistake, please forgive the “broken telephone.” Still, that is what the entrails would have been used for by this cult, as a demonic sacrifice.

Our God is greater!

All the best to you, in your evangelism,

[Name withheld]

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