These pan fried potatoes are the perfect bestie for any main dish or breakfast menu! Plus, there’s no need to pre-cook, soak, or otherwise baby these taters. This simple method equals a mouthwatering result. My mama makes the best fried potatoes with sauteed veggies. This side is a combination of potatoes and whatever vegetables are… via […]

Marijuana has been legalized in over thirty states. Many users tout its alleged benefits, while others denounce it as harmful and even dangerous. While the legal debate is over, how should Christians treat the use of marijuana? Is it just a harmless recreational drug, or is it sinful to use? The Bible has many prohibitions […] […]

There are some recipes that are so full of flavor and nutritious, you can’t help but make them over and over again. That’s definitely the case with this easy everyday basic fruit smoothie recipe! Filled with nourishing fruits (and a bit of veg), plus nutrient-dense “power-ups”, you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings! This… via […]

The early chapters of Exodus are some of the most exciting in the Bible. Not only do they record the action-pack story of the Hebrew departure from Egypt, but they also feature numerous connections between ancient Egyptian culture and the Hebrew Bible. Let’s explore some of them. The Pharaoh who Knew Not Joseph. The pharaoh […]

In looking at materials produced by atheist apologists, it is fascinating how many of them repeat the same old objections that have been around for years. According to these writers, the Bible endorses slavery, subjugates women, teaches an anti-scientific view of the world, and commands the faithful to wage holy war against the unbeliever. In […] […]