Life can be challenging. Some days will be better than others, but we all have to deal with problems, frustrations, and unwelcome surprises in our time on earth. Jesus taught us to resist worrying about the future (Matthew 6:34) because each day has enough trouble to keep us occupied! If we are going to successfully […] […]

The election of Pope Francis in 2013 was a bit of a surprise. Francis is not quite like his most recent predecessors; consequently, his papacy has been atypical. He has been celebrated as a more down-to-earth pontiff who eschews the luxuries enjoyed by previous popes. Unlike his predecessors, Francis seems to have made headlines for […]

Here are some articles added to the Palm Beach Lakes church of Christ website: Bulletin Articles Adversity Makes You Bitter or Better by Dan Jenkins Is the Church Essential? Well, Do I Need to Be Reconciled? by David Sproule Soul, You Have Many Goods by Josh Blackmer Thought for the Day The foul has become funny […]